Scissorvixens - Miss Tiffany - The Selfie Assassin!

Added: 05-07-2017

Life is too short not to take SEXY SELFIES...too bad for this guy...his will be over very soon!

Dark-haired BEAUTY Miss Tiffany returns to ScissorVixens a few years after first working with us.

Once she heard that ScissorVixens was in Vegas ...she sent out a threatening tweet, "I had so much fun scissoring this guy...and legs have only gotten stronger!".

Well, Miss Tiffany has been working out hard in the gym where she's very proud of the amount of strength in her legs and couldn't wait to prove it to us! NOT be fooled by Miss Tiffany's size...this girl loves a challenge and loves proving you wrong! She's all about pouring on the PRESSURE 110 percent, waiting for you to pass out or tap-out!

And Drew nearly did both in this video!

Miss Tiffany loves to take selfies because she knows she looks good and so do her followers.

But what her followers don't know is that Miss Tiffany works as a hired assassin who likes to capture her prey between her lethal thighs while capturing one selfie after the other.

And so she brings along her selfie phone and visits her next 'assignment' who seems to owe too much money to too many people.

She quickly grabs him from behind and chokes him out with her powerful arms and once he awakens. he looks up and finds her taking selfies of herself.

"What the hell just happened!?", he asks.

Well, he's about to find out as the Selfie Assassin is ready to take more pictures and slowly scissor him into oblivion!

While her thighs CRUSH the life out of him, she just keeps smiling for the camera.

"They call me the best for a reason!", she tells him while nearly breaking his neck in two!

Then it's onto his ribs to snap a few of them while taking more snaps of her smiling selfies.

In the end she tells him..."That's right, finale!", and finally ends his suffering with a BRUTAL throat-busting neck scissors!

Of course the job isn't over until she takes one more selfie!

While standing over his body she looks at the camera and proclaims...."The Selfie Assassin strikes again!” and then turns her attention to you and asks...”Who's next!?".

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