Club Stiletto - Princess Lily - The Things he Wishes For

Added: 09-04-2020

“Here I am again, on top of my worthless slave”, Lily says as this scene opens and we see her slave kicking for air under her perfect ass. “He’ll find any excuse to get under my ass even if it does include tor-chure” she adds with a laugh. She finally raises her ass of his face, taking her cheeks in her hands and says “Can you really blame him though, look at this ass.” She’s right, who wouldn’t suffer for that! After hovering over him she sits back down and says he’s fortunate she even lets him see it but she knows him seeing it keeps him devoted. “He’d love if I farted in his face right now, when I tell him I’m gassy he lights right up” she says. She talks about how she loves to dutch oven him at night under the covers, while she is napping. “When he gets hungry I know he longs to eat my sch1t and would probably like it as a midnight snack under the covers.” She says she’d wake up in the morning and probably not even know she soiled herself over night because he would have licked it all up.
Lily talks about how insatiable he is, how he loves to be her toilet, anything to do with her ass gets him excited. Meanwhile the slave is again kicking under her ass and Lily hardly seems to notice. “Toilet slaves are the lowest of slaves” she says, “Once they are your toilet they are yours for life.” Lily kneels up and gets graphic with the slave telling him how she will use him and reminds him how he lives for her ass. The dumb slave reaches up to touch her ass and she slaps his hand away and threatens to tell her boyfriend on him who will likely face fuck him as punishment. “That’s another thing he likes, sucking his cum from my pussy” she says, painting a clear picture as to how disgusted and debased this pig slave is. “My spit, my stinky armpits, my boyfriends cock, he loves everything as long as he is being used” she continues just as she accidentally lets out a nasty fart. She laughs because she knows he loves it. She tells him to sniff it all, disappointed that he didn’t automatically start sniffing the second she blew her gas in his face. She then sits down on his face and lets another fart go. She grinds it into his face. “We may have to take this to the bedroom” she says and then directs him to crawl to the bathroom and wait on the floor with his mouth open until she gets there.

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