The Mean Girls - Princess Bella, Goddess Raven - A REAL Loser (1080 HD)

Added: 30-06-2017

We get a lot of losers that say they want to “tryout” to be one of our slaves and be “dominated”. And y`know what? Most of the time we turn them down and get annoyed with what morons they are. And we usually require them to be members of our members. Why? Watch this clip to find out.

This fucking loser came to one of our rare “open tryouts” where anybody can come without sending a deposit, or their id in advance, or being a member of our site. And you`ll see that this is one of the worst. In fact, we strongly suggest that you do not even watch this clip. It absolutely sucks. This fucking idiot says he can “try” some pain, needs a mask, he has no money. (Really?? That is the biggest benefit of your masked-ass can come up with?? Lol!) Wow, such a benefit to us! Cuz we do not have slaves already begging us.

So me and raven shackle him up in the mmg “tryout basement” and give him a very basic flogging – and his weak, pathetic ass. He breaks from this? Totally unacceptable. (And yeah, we left it in the end) where he quits on us, its really, really.

This is what happens when somebody douchebag horndog loser says “I wanna serve u” – and has no fucking idea. In fact, what he probably really meant was “I want a rough handjob” or some bullsh11tt. (Um, that is not what we are doing here, loser-try watching our fucking videos …)

*** the 1st part of the clip is just his pathetic p11ss-poor example of an “interview (yes, this is totally real) and then the second part is his” tryout “, which was somehow even more pathetic than his” interview “. And even worse, was the fact that he was in the awhile … no surprise there. Lol * **

If you`re anything like this guy, do not come here – we do not want u!!!

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