The Mean Girls - Princess Carmela, Goddess Kiki - An Hour Of Madness (1080 HD)

Added: 07-03-2020

You mean Girl fans write to us all the time BEGGING to come serve us. (Does this decribe YOU, slave? Do YOU wish you could come grovel at Our divine feet?) Well, the problem is, most of you are totally lame. You need to wear a stupid mask, you “cant take pain”, you refuse to join our members site or send your photo ID, and have no money LOL- like we are just going to just “trust” some random anonymous loser to show up at our home -sacrificing OUR safety – and then let you worship our feet with a stupid mask on for FREE? Seriously?? Why would we EVER allow that?

Anyway, this slave needed a stupid mask too, but he was willing to at least follow all our other instructions- including PAYING our “mask fee” for letting him wear one in Our clips. He sent his deposit and proof of travel to Las Vegas like a good boy. And we was willing to try to endure as much pain as possible so his suffering could make us as much $$$ as possible with his clips.

We even made him a deal that we like to call the “Mean Girl Challenge”. He had to bring additional tribute to Our shoot- and then we CANE him, we WHIP him, we TRAMPLE him, AND BALLBUST him. If he takes ALLLL the pain we dish out, he can keep his money! If not (and he screams for mercy like a little bitch- we TAKE it!) So do you think this loser got to keep his $$$? Or did we break him so bad that he was literally BEGGING us to take his money??

Just to make sure I knew which way it would go, I had our new muscular “Mean Girl” bodyguard Goddess Kiki there to help me hurt this loser. She is about 155 pounds of muscle and helped me manhandle him and hurt him as much as possible. She even stood on him in her stilettos and LAUGHED as he trembled in pain underneath her. Haha.

This clip shows the entire session of us tormenting him for Our profit and entertainment. Watch it and let us know if you think you can endure more haha.

– Princess Carmela

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