The Mean Girls - Princess Mia, Goddess Platinum - Why The Fuck Does A Male Work Here (4K)

Added: 21-04-2020

I walked into my big corner office and as I was walking in I realized there was a male…a sad excuse for a male working in the office. Mind you, he was just a glorified personal bitch, but still WTF!?!

I asked my assistant why is there a male in the office? “She’s like, a what?”… Exactly!

I called my secretary and had her send up the new guy. Lol!

Once he entered my office I asked who hired him? How he was working in here? Did he not happen to notice there wasn’t a single male working there? Well that’s because I made them all quit.

Now my entire schedule is going to be out of whack because I need to make sure this male quits, TODAY!

I force him to strip down naked and make it clear he is NOT WELCOME! Then my assistant and I make it even more clear by canning that freak till he can’t take it anymore and quits. Hahaha!

Now that is much better, no more stupid, useless, nasty males!

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