Madame Catarina - Extreme Power Caning

Added: 05-01-2021

STORY: Madame Catarina has decided to test out a new caning slave with an ‘Extreme Power Caning’ and is delighted with the results as the white flesh of the slave’s butt is transformed into something that looks as if it should be on the butchers block.
ENTIRE MOVIE: Madame Catarina looking stunning in leather skirt, blouse, stockings and high heels drags a slave into her salon by his ear and places him on her whipping bench where he is made to present his butt for his Mistresses inspection. Madame Catarina does not like to see a pale white butt on her whipping bench and soon sets about changing its colour. Firstly with a hard spanking with her gloved hands, then when the butt is a nice shade of red a whip is taken to deepen the colour and then the riding crop before Madame Catarina selects one of her favourite dragon canes and begins to seriously thrash the slave’s red ass, delighting in his cries of agony as the cane rains down on his sore butt. Again and again the dragon cane falls on the red butt, harder and harder and Madame Catarina is really beginning to enjoy herself as the first bruises appear. But the caning is merciless and continues apace as the cane cuts deep into the slave’s butt and the first leaking wounds appear. But there is no change of pace, if anything Madame Catarina canes harder and more ferociously until the slave’s butt is a mass of weeping red cuts and black and blue bruises and still the caning continues. Madame Catarina delights in the agonised moans of the slave as the marks increase on his now freely weeping butt. The caning continues mercilessly and the cane bites deeper into the bruised and butt until it looks like a lump of raw meat. Finally when the slave’s ass is reduced to a tattered and shredded mass of crimson Madame Catarina is satisfied her work is done and places the cane across her slave’s legs before she takes her leave.
Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Caning, Cane, Madame Catarina, Canes, Canning, Extreme Domination, Corporal Punishment
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