Domina Scarlet - Hundred strokes caning punishment - Femdom spanking

Added: 17-06-2021

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I will make my slave suffer for disobeying my orders, he will be strapped down to my bench and thrashed mercilessly with my leather strap and my cane. I am dressed in a crisp white shirt with a high collar and cuffs, leather trousers, Gucci leather belt, leather gloves and thigh-length leather boots. I want him to know that I will enjoy making him suffer, and watching him suffer for me will only make me strap and cane him harder. I strap him over and over with my hard leather strap until his bottom is red and painful, instructing him to stick his bottom out for even more hard strokes. He cries out in pain and his suffering makes me happy. Next I take my smoked cane to punish him. Each stroke is administered with all my strength and it instantly leaves its mark on his flesh. He cries out in pain but it only makes me want to make him suffer even more. I make him count out his final 20 strokes until I am certain that I have broken him.
Category: Paddling, Spanking, Strapping
Related Categories: Caning Fantasy, Corporal Punishment Fantasy
Keywords: Leather Belt, Leather Boots, Leather Gloves


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