Mistress An Li - Beaten Submission Part 1 - Femdom spanking

Added: 20-06-2021

"Men" can be so silly, and I believe in a regular regimen of beating them back into place. Especially my slaves.
It's that time of the month where my bitch needs to be punished again, and he needs to be punished heavily. I've found him a little too opinionated as of lately, and quite frankly, he could do with a little fear of Goddess in him. I've decided to start with his ass, and I fully intend on transforming it from flesh to bruise in today's discipline.
I have two implements at hand: a bamboo spatula and a wooden hairbrush. After testing both of them, I decide to start with the kitchen implement first. It's lighter, stingy, and an excellent warm-up for the bruising that I'm about to deliver to my slave.
His ass cheeks quickly start changing in color, first to pink, then to red, then to beautiful shades of purple. You know what they say about bruises! The deeper the bruise, the deeper the servitude.
When he causes me to drop by spatula, I then decide to move on to the wooden hairbrush. Heavier, thicker, and with a whack that will be felt to his core, this hairbrush will deliver the paddling I crave. While paddling him, I remind him of his unworthiness in the eyes of women. He cries and yelps, submitting to his male folly – something that can only be remedied by more beatings and spankings.
I'm becoming quite satisfied with the color on his ass cheeks...

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