Mixed Model Wrestling - Daisy Chainz in Army Sister

Added: 27-12-2017

Daisy has had her pick of men while in the army, but coming home for leave she’s horny and out of options. Maybe teasing her brother would make her feel better? She accidentally grinds against him and smiles at what she’s doing to him.

“Do y`know I wrestled when in the army? I could show you some cool moves” Daisy says convincing her brother to wrestle her. “Scared of a little girl? Scared I might hurt u?” She asks. He tells her that he’s too strong and that he will hurt her. They get to the mat n Daisy schools him on how strong position and holds are over pure power.

Scene 1: Sister brings the pain!

He can’t believe his cute little sister is destroying him. She holds him tight n forces his face into her crotch. It feels so good controlling him and holding him tight. He rarely gets the upper hand on her. She puts him in a headlock and drains away all his strength.

“You just got lucky, let’s go again!” he demands. Turned on having a strong man in her control, Daisy reaches down and starts jerking him. They both moan in frustration n pleasure, stripping each other naked.

Scene 3: Are u going to use that?

They keep wrestling, their hot naked bodies grinding against each other. He puts his sister on all fours and fucks her from behind, unable to stop himself. They both know this is wrong but they fuck harder.

They wrestle and fuck for dominance. Using each other to get themselves off. They fuck each other hard, back and forth, Daisy on top and bottom until he shoots a big load all over her chest. Satisfied and exhausted they think about what they have just done.

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